Age-old traditions with a modern twist

It’s not about the suit you wear, but it’s about the life you lead in the suit. S. Benson knows that the clothes don’t make the man but they sure add to your look. Building a wardrobe of luxurious pieces that can be worn year after year is the goal with each customer.

The shop’s lines for work live at the intersection of ready-to-wear and custom-made clothing. From custom suiting and shirts to softly constructed blazers including more relaxed clothing for that confusing casual dress quandary, S. Benson & Co. has the look!


You will be greeted at the store with classics from Robert Talbott to traditional looks with a twist in the Scott Barber line. Ready to wear slacks, shirts, sweaters and outerwear that is perfect for the office as well as travel around the country.

Does the perfect tie live outside your closet? S. Benson & Co. showcases over 100 of the most marvelous ties at any time, just looking for a new home. Other must-haves for a finished work look live at S. Benson including belts and designer socks.


Sounds very elegant and very expensive, doesn’t it? But not so! It’s very affordable and gives you the tailored elegant look like GQ models! Steve personally guides you through the selection of imported fabrics and selection of style. After you are measured, it’s just three short weeks from factory to your closet. Clients who have been doing this for years wouldn’t buy off the rack ever again. When you order your first custom piece, you will see why.